Greg Burgoyne


Greg grew up in Scarborough and attended Scarborough High School. His early working life started in the wool industry, working at the wool stores learning to be a wool classer. This in turn led him to travel the far reaches of this State in shearing terms, as was required for experience to earn qualification as a wool classer. During this time, he tried his hand at shearing where he proved he could work as hard as the best of them.

Always in search of a better deal, as far as money and work conditions, Greg experienced a variety of occupations before settling in to real estate. These were mostly contained within the construction industry where he acquired many qualifications through study courses and hands-on experience. It was the possession of these qualifications and experience that enabled him to apply and be accepted for work as a supervisor on an offshore oil exploratory rig in the early 1980’s when there was a high demand for people with his qualifications. After working in Australian waters for an American company for two years, he was transferred to a rig that was drilling in Indian waters for the Indian government. This lasted for about a year, then the rig (a drillship) was moved to European waters where more exploratory work was performed in the Mediterranean and Adriatic Seas. This proved to be a valuable experience in that it was a real learning curve in dealing and communicating with workers from entirely different language and culture. It wasn’t realised at the time, but this would be an asset Greg would bring to his real estate career.

After returning home from Europe, Greg was ready for a different challenge. Having never sold anything in his life, but always having a keen interest in real estate, he thought maybe this would be a career that could satisfy his needs.

Nine years later, Greg has shown himself to be a consistent performer with many awards for sales and service over the years which began with being awarded "runner up" to the Rookie of the Year for Western Australia in his first year.

Never one to rest on his laurels, Greg attends regular seminars and meetings top keep up-to-date with information and trends so that he can be of more use to his clients.

He has recently undertaken to be trained as a licensed Auctioneer to add another string to his bow.

In his private life, Greg is a supportive father to an adult son and two daughters, who are involved in university studies. His leisure time is spent watching football or sailing.

His time in real estate has produced approximately 250 sales and auctions.

When choosing someone to work hard for you, you need to choose someone who understands what hard work is. Greg does.


  • 2014 - 10 Year Service Award
  • 2014 - Premier Member
  • 2009 - Bronze Commission Exceeding $90,000 January - June
  • 2002 - Rookie of the Year - No. 2